Psychiatry: Issues for Integrative Neuroscience

Guillaume Dumas, Jean-Arthur Micoulaud-Franchi
Publication year: 2019

The Human Dynamic Clamp: A Probe for Coordination Across Neural, Behavioral, and Social Scales

Guillaume Dumas, Aline Lefebvre, Mengsen Zhang, Emmanuelle Tognoli, J.A. Scott Kelso (2015)
In: Müller S., Plath P., Radons G., Fuchs A. (eds) Complexity and Synergetics. Springer, Cham
Publication year: 2017

Interpersonal Synchrony: From Social Perception to Social Interaction

Mohamed Chetouani, Emilie Delaherche, Guillaume Dumas, David Cohen
In: Social Signal Processing, Cambridge Press
Publication year: 2017

Neural dynamics of synchronous imitative interaction

Guillaume Dumas
PhD Thesis Guillaume dumas
Publication year: 2010

Analyse des corrélats cérébraux dans la synchronie communicative entre sujets

Guillaume Dumas
Rapport de Master 2 Recherche (Cote : Master 1068)
Publication year: 2008