J-C. Gagnon-Audet, K. Ahuja, M-J. Darvishi-Bayazi, G. Dumas, I. Rish
Publication year: 2022


Machine learning models often fail to generalize well under distributional shifts. Understanding and overcoming these failures have led to a research field of Out-of-Distribution (OOD) generalization. Despite being extensively studied for static computer vision tasks, OOD generalization has been underexplored for time series tasks. To shine light on this gap, we present WOODS: eight challenging open-source time series benchmarks covering a diverse range of data modalities, such as videos, brain recordings, and sensor signals. We revise the existing OOD generalization algorithms for time series tasks and evaluate them using our systematic framework. Our experiments show a large room for improvement for empirical risk minimization and OOD generalization algorithms on our datasets, thus underscoring the new challenges posed by time series tasks. Code and documentation are available at https://woods-benchmarks.github.io

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