Phi (subtitled in English)

A scientific short film I co-directed with my friend Luc Halard, staring Sarah Amar and Stephanie Boubli, on a music by Jordan Quiqueret and Frederic Benmussa. Jury Award 2011 of the French young scientific short film festival “Les chercheurs font leur cinéma”, exequo with “Qui sème de la poussière, récolte du phytoplancton” of Alexie Heimburger and Fanny Mazoyer. Jury Award 2013 for the most creative handling of a neuroscientific topic at the Neurovision Film Contest of the Bernstein Conference (Germany).


Droneuro is an audio neurofeedback experiment combining OpenBCI with some homemade software to turn brainwaves into soundscapes. It is part of an ongoing collaboration with Julien Laroche. It has been featured as one of the top 10 projects of the OpenBCI community.

Cahier des Limbes

An art installation mixing neurofeedback and virtual reality co-realized with Luc Halard for the exhibition “Elukubr“(Oct 28th – Nov 14th 2010). Four different versions were made with the collective Supernova in the following years.


Projects & Collaborations